Culture, Not Geography

Tea Ceremony, Washitsu, Japan

Tea Ceremony, Japan

Canada is well-known around the world for its natural beauty and wide-open spaces. Canadians, in general, deeply appreciate this geographical fact about Canada and feel lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Being a small chain of islands, Japan is a beautiful country too but not on the same size or scale as Canada.

Many Canadians ask me about the places to visit in Japan which share the wide-open expanse of the Canadian prairies or the Canadian north. I tell people that Japan is a small, compact country compared to Canada. While there are many pretty spots Japan does not have the vast, wide-open Canadian-style scenery. Instead, while there are many very beautiful place in Japan I believe the most beautiful part of the country lies in its long, rich and fascinating history and culture.

Maiko in Kyoto, Japan

Maiko in Kyoto

I think the main goal in going to Japan is about seeing and experiencing its history and culture. It is a historical-cultural¬†experience rather than an outdoor experience. Everything is Japan is so different from Canada: its language, food, traditions, customs…the list is endless it seems. Japan is a modern, wealthy country like Canada but also an Asian country with very different values, customs, traditions, and lifestyles. The biggest attraction Japan holds for me are the many differences between Canada and Japan, and how much there is to learn about the country and its people.

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