Sushi !

Oh yes, sushi! Everyone loves sushi! Sushi is the staple food of Japan so everyone in Japan must eat sushi everyday, right? That’s what I thought too until I moved to Japan. No, rice is the staple dish, not sushi; and unfortunately for most Japanese sushi is expensive and there is no way most people could dine on sushi everyday. Like Canada, sushi for dinner is only eaten once in a while but it is eaten as a snack more often than not.

What kind of sushi is served in Japan? Do they eat California rolls? Do they have the conveyor-belt sushi bars? Well, a lot of different kinds of sushi are served at sushi restaurants, much more than most sushi restaurants in Canada. As for California rolls, no, they are a North American creation and not a native Japanese sushi. And yes, the conveyor-belt sushi bars (known affectionately as “kuru-kuru zushi”) are just as popular especially among the young children. Sushi is for everyone too; families, singles, young and old. At the kuru-kuru zushi restaurants, it seems everything under the sun can be found on the sushi plates as they saunter by – fruit, cakes, veggies, meat, you name it. The tea taps are my favourite. Small dispensers send steaming hot water into your Japanese cup and nearby is a box of green tea bags. There is nothing like going into a sushi bar in winter and warming up on hot green tea before diving into plate after plate of mouth-watering sushi.

The big advantage of eating sushi in Japan, of course, is Japan has the best sushi around! I’ve had some incredible sushi in Japan, simply unbelievable. I have heard, however, that the sushi restaurants in Vancouver are good and some of them compare favourably to their Japanese counterparts which is saying a lot. I am not a sushi connoisseur¬†but I have found the best sushi can be found outside of the big cities in coastal towns (unless you are in a very, very expensive sushi restaurant in a city) or at the smaller, out of the way restaurants where the owners take great pride in serving fantastic sushi.

On a final note, the sushi souvenirs are a lot of fun. If you go to certain souvenir stores or department stores with souvenir sections, a variety of sushi souvenirs can be found. For example, sushi t-shirts, sushi fridge magnets, sushi key chains, and sushi erasers. A great souvenir for the sushi fan back home!


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