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History: 1990-2000

School superintendent Stewart Ladyman was the lead delegate for city and school student delegations to Ikeda in 1990. The combining of an adult and student delegation proved effective for both Ikeda and Penticton and has become a regular feature of the delegations.

In 1991 Akira Ishii led a delegation to Penticton, for the last time as Mayor of Ikeda. A special ceremony and reception honoured him and former Penticton Mayor Kenyon.

Two Penticton society members, Bob Harvey & Ross Axworthy took part in Ikeda's winter festival in February 1992. They made a presentation to a “Canada Fair” sponsored by the Canadian embassy and to a Sister City symposium that took place in Ikeda at that time.

Ladies in Kimono in Ikeda, JapanIn the summer of 1992 a group of Penticton School Principals, including Bob Dunn, Jake Janzen, Gordon McKay, Bruce MacDonald and their spouses traveled to Ikeda. They toured schools and met with Ikeda education people to gain a better understanding of the Japanese educational system.

Mayor Jake Kimberley and his wife Kate led a large and enthusiastic Penticton delegation to Ikeda in 1992. This year was the 15th anniversary of the Sister City relationship. Ikeda produced a booklet in honour of the occasion featuring many photographs taken over the years. Economic development director Rob Greno was also a key delegate in 1992. He made contacts in Hokkaido that proved worthwhile in later years.

Promotion and displays of Penticton products took place in Japan during 1986 and in 1992. Ikeda business people, led by Yoichiro Takamori visited Penticton in January of 2002 and commenced plans to import Penticton area products into Japan.

The newly elected Mayor of Ikeda, Kazuo Oishi and his wife Setsuko arrived in Penticton with a delegation of Ikeda adults and students in September of 1993. They brought with them conceptual plans for an Ikeda Japanese Garden for Penticton.

School principal Bill Bobbitt led the 1994 adult and student delegation that visited Ikeda. He made special presentations to Mayor Oishi on behalf of the Penticton School District as well as the City of Penticton.

Ikeda assembly [city council] chairman Susumu Nagata and Superintendent of Schools Tadashi Kobayashi led a wonderful group of Ikeda people to Penticton in 1995. The members presented us with great Japanese entertainment.

The 20th Anniversary for Penticton/Ikeda was celebrated from October 1996 to May 1997. Councilor Katie Robinson led a delegation in October 1996 as the first major event of this celebration. The Penticton Secondary School Jazz Band, led by Dave Brunelle & Justin Glibbery was a very important part of this group. They performed in Ikeda and neighbouring Obihiro and with the Ikeda High School Band.

Enjoying dinner in Ikeda, JapanDeputy Mayor Kochi Saito and his wife Yoshiko, Ikeda Sister City Society Chairman Toshio Kurokawa, members of the Ikeda Assembly and a diverse group of other citizens including 17 students traveled to Penticton in May 1997. This visit corresponded exactly with the signing of the Sister City agreement in May of 1977.

Mayor Beth Campbell and her husband Michael led a special delegation to Ikeda in October 1998 to celebrate Ikeda's 100th anniversary as a city. The group attended the exciting Tokachi Wine Festival and assisted in the planting of many trees to signify, in the Japanese style, the centenary.

In the fall of 1999 Mayor Kazuo Oishi and his wife Setsuko along with a delegation of Ikeda people came to visit their many friends in Penticton and enjoy the many events. This was to be his last visit as Mayor as ill health prevented him from seeking re-election.

A special feature of the 1999 group was the inclusion of five Ikeda School Principals. They toured schools and met School District staff. They studied ideas and procedures, some of which have subsequently been incorporated in their school system.


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