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Ikeda, JapanIkeda (Ikeda-cho, in Japanese) is a town located in the Nakagawa District of Tokachi in Hokkaido, Japan. The population of Ikeda (2008 statistics) is an estimated 8,132 people. The main export of the region is wine but there is also an agriculture and dairy industry which supports the local economy. The Wine Festival is held every year in October and it is considered one of the best festivals in Hokkaido. The Tokachi region has the coldest recorded temperatures in Japan, dropping to -20C (-4F) during the long winter months. With such a cold climate, it comes to no surprise that speed skating is a popular sport in Ikeda. Indeed, during the 2010 Olympics Keiichiro Nagashima, who is from Ikeda, won the Silver Medal in the 500 metre speed skate at the Richmond Olympic Oval. Another popular resident is Miywa Yoshida who is the lead singer of the popular Japanese pop group "Dreams Come True." Formed in 1988, Dreams Come True is considered one of the biggest selling Japanese music groups of all time selling more than 50 million albums worldwide.

Access: Japan Airlines offers flights from Tokyo (Haneda Airport) and Osaka (Kansai Airport) to Tokachi-Obihiro Airport. From Tokachi-Obihiro Airport it is a short drive to Ikeda.

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